Zak Martin is famous for his psychic detection and criminal profiling skills. He has been featured extensively on TV, radio and in the international press. and he has been consulted by police forces around the world, including Scotland Yard, on hundreds of unsolved murder and missing persons cases. He receives a constant stream of requests to assist in cases in which traditional investigative methods have failed to produce results. He uses a combination of psychological and intuitive techniques in investigating murders, disappearances and other unsolved serious crimes.

Working with the Police - Zak Martin explains the ins and outs of assisting in a police investigation.

The Trouble with DNA Evidence - Assessing the value of forensic DNA analysis.

The Perfect Murder - Is it becoming impossible for someone to get away with murder?

The Disappearance of Trevor Deely - One of Ireland's most mysterious missing persons cases.

The Doorstep Murder - Zak Martin investigates Scotland's most famous unsolved murder.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - Coming soon...

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