Since early childhood, Zak Martin has experienced prophetic dreams and visions of the future. His predictions on world events were published each year in calendar form for many years and reviewed in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. His documented predictions - that is, published before the event took place - include:

9-11 attacks
"I've been having a vivid premonition of a passenger plane crashing into a skyscraper and exploding in flames..." - 5 September, 2001

He has also accurately forecasted global political, economic, fashion and musical trends, as well as medical and scientific developments.

What the papers said about Zak Martin’s prophetic powers

"Who in his right mind would have predicted ten years ago that the Berlin Wall would disappear, the Iron Curtain would fall, and a new sexually-transmitted disease would sweep the world? Irish psychic Zak Martin would - and he did, in a calendar of predictions published way back in 1979." (Sunday World, 14 January 1990)


"Zak predicts - and he's been right so far!" (Evening Herald, July 23, 1987)

"As Zak's predictions for this year were accurate, I await the year ahead with interest" (The London Evening Standard, December 11, 1984)

"I have never been overly impressed with people claiming the ability to "see" into the future but looking at Zak Martin's record I would have to say he seems to know what he's talking about. At the beginning of the 1980s he made some startling predictions. For instance he claimed that a deadly sexually-transmitted disease would sweep the world; that a reformer would come to power in the Kremlin, leading to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain; and that there would be new concern with the environment." (Irish Press, January 5, 1991)

Premonitions of September 11Zak Martin's premonition of 9/11 is discussed
"Premonitions of September 11",
by John Marquardt (Lightning Source Books)

Premonitions of September 11Zak Martin's premonition of 9/11 discussed in SUPERinteressante (Portuguese)
"Premonição: Farejando desgraças",
by Leandro Steiw

"Britain's most gifted psychic Zak Martin has accurately predicted world events, including the Tenerife air disaster and the winner of the Grand National seven times in succession." (Daily Mirror, May 10, 1983)

"But if his prediction for Sinn Fein come true we'll all be heading for the boat... he sees Sinn Fein growing in popularity over the coming decades, to become 'a major political force in Irish politics'."
John Boland, Dubliner's Diary (Irish Press 3 March 1988)

"Amazing to look back over Zak Martin's predictions for the 1980s - "a charismatic new leader emerging from a Kremlin power struggle the Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall will disappear a deadly sexually-transmitted disease will emerge a space disaster in 1984 new concern with the environment." (Evening Herald, January 9, 1990)

"How can one gauge predictions for the year, except in retrospect? Zak Martin's prognostics have proved remarkably sound" (What's On In London, March 7 1983")

"I'll leave it to yourselves to decide what to make of this. But a surprising number of the predictions made by Zak Martin at the start of the year in Ad Lib have proved correct..." (Evening Herald, 23 july 1987)

Sinead O'Connor
"The band's association with Irish psychic Zak Martin has probably accounted for some of this - they even featured a song based on Zak's annual predictions which included a portent of the American bombing of Tripoli, four months before the event, not to mention the destruction of a certain well-known wall in middle Europe!" - Sinéad O'Connor, So Different (Omnibus Press, 1998)

"Zak Martin has made uncanny predictions" (London Alternative Magazine, September 7, 1982)

Super Interessante
"On September 5, 2001, the Irish psychic Zak Martin described a frightening sight: "Last week, I had a very vivid premonition of a plane - like a commercial passenger aircraft - crashing into a skyscraper and bursting into flames. Six days later, not one but two airliners were crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York " - Super Interessante, May 2005

"Zak is on record as having predicted the Tenerife air crash, the Chernobyl disaster and the advent of perestroika." (Psychic News January 27,1990)

Diana and Charles

"The 'fairytale' marriage of Charles and Diana will begin to unravel in the year ahead. As I said in my previous calendars, I foresee this marriage coming to an early and tragic end." (Zak Martin's Calendar of Predictions for 1986)

"This psychic detective has made some very accurate predictions. He correctly forecast the upturn in the economy this year as he did the rift between Prince Charles and Princess Di which he still firmly maintains is not a tabloid invention." (Irish Press, December 29, 1987)

"An aura of negativity surrounds the British royal family at present. The rift between Charles and Diana - which I predicted last year - will become more acute in the year ahead, and there will even be the possibility of involvement, by one of the couple, with a third party." (In Dublin 1987-1988 Annual)

"Britain's best-known clairvoyant - frighteningly accurate" (Mark Hallilay, London Capital Radio, December 28, 1983)

Sasha Fenton
"Without Zak's penetrating insight on my behalf, I would never have become a professional author. Ever since his vision of my future career, I have written over 100 books, sold and translated in many countries worldwide." - Sasha Fenton, television personality and best-selling author.

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