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Buswell's Hotel, Dublin

Zak Martin has been making headlines since his early teens. He gave his first public talk at Dublin's famous Buswells Hotel at the age of eighteen, and his first demonstration of hypnosis and "the sixth sense" a year later.

His stage performances and public experiments (which included a long-distance game of chess by telepathy) attracted media attention, and in the following years his predictions and psychic pronouncements were published in newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

In Britain, Zak Martin made headlines for his psychic detection work with Scotland Yard, his friendship with Princess Diana, his work as advisor to famous pop singers and TV personalities, and his founding of the London Psychic Centre and the Mayfair Clinic of Holistic Medicine. He has made numerous TV appearances in countries all over the world, including Britain, the United States and Japan, as well as most European countries, including his native Ireland. During the time he lived in the UK he was a frequent guest on London's two main radio stations, LBC and Capital.

"One of the world's foremost psychics" - BBC

"Leading psychic to assist Scotland Yard" - The Guardian (UK)

"London's best-known psychic" - Time Out (UK)

"I didn't believe it until I saw Zak work those uncanny powers" - Irish Independent

"Zak Martin's prognostics have been remarkably sound" - What's On (UK)

"Charismatic New Age guru, Zak Martin..." - Cosmopolitan

"Zak Predicts - and he's been right so far!" - Herald (Ireland)

"Irish psychic's amazing predictions" - Sunday World (Ireland & UK)

"Britain's best-known clairvoyant - frighteningly accurate" - London Capital Radio

"Zak Martin, a leading psychic..." - The Observer (UK)

"One of the foremost figures in the New Age movement" - Hot Press (Ireland & UK)

"Britain’s most gifted psychic - very impressive." (Mirror, UK 1)

"Zak Martin does not wear gypsy earrings or affect a paisley shawl. He is thin and bejeaned with a stock-in-trade penetrating gaze… It is the inherited ability to delve into the unconscious that he now has a grip of." (Guardian 2)

"Martin’s psychic talents, as advertised on TV and praised fulsomely by the British press, include solving murder cases, finding missing people, moving objects through paranormal contact and healing." (Sunday Business Post 3)

"Mr. Zak Martin, a leading clairvoyant…" (Sunday Observer4)

"Top psychic Zak Martin" (Star 5)

"Slim and intense, his eyes are huge and dark and grow almost totally black when he is concentrating. His powers of instinct and observation are reputed to be uncanny, and he is one of Britain’s leading psychic sleuths." (News of the World 6)

"Zak Martin’s prognostics have been remarkably sound." (What’s On 9)

"Martin has a track record as a psychic detective and has successfully found dozens of missing people." (Kensington News 10)

"Who in his right mind would have predicted, ten years ago, that the Berlin Wall would disappear, the Iron Curtain would fall, and a deadly sexually-transmitted disease would sweep the world? Irish psychic Zak Martin would - and he did, in a calendar of predictions published way back in 1979." (Sunday World 11)

"I didn’t believe it myself until I saw Zak work those uncanny powers…" (Independent 12)

"Britain’s top psychic" (Sun 13)

"Irish-born psychic Zak Martin is the guiding force behind some of the world’s most famous pop stars and showbusiness personalities." (Vogue 14)

"Zak Martin is a psychic of considerable standing. He has made uncanny predictions and assisted Scotland Yard with crime detection." (London Alternative Magazine 15)

"One of the world’s foremost psychics" (Irish Press 16)

"As Zak’s predictions for this year were accurate, I await the year ahead with interest." (London Standard 17)

"Zak Martin lives and works in Kensington. He’s a quiet, slight man, who moves with a strange delicacy - and he’s one of the country’s top psychics." (Mail on Sunday 18)

"Zak martin is one of the foremost figures in the New Age movement. A renowned psychic, he has lectured extensively on the areas of psychotherapy and psychological medicine and his book ‘Develop Your ESP’ is regarded as a classic of its kind." (Hot Press 19)

"Britain’s leading psychic" (Ms. London 20)

"Anyone who has followed Zak Martin's predictions over the years cannot but be greatly impressed by how uncannily accurate they have been." (RTE Radio 21)

"Psychic and author Zak Martin has an impressive roster of people who trust his powers, having been consulted by police forces all over the world. " (London Evening Standard 22)

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Reviews of How to Develop your ESP (Harper Collins)

Develop Your ESPPercepcao Extra-SensorialPercepcion Extra Sensorial

Zak Martin wrote How to Develop your ESP while he was still a student at university in Ireland. The book was published by Harper-Collins and was an immediate success. It was translated and reprinted in a number of languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. To date it has sold over two million copies in paperback. A revised and updated edition of the book is now available from Amazon in Kindle ebook format.
Below are just a few of the many favourable reviews this book has received since it was published.

Prediction Magazine

"Many books can teach you to develop latent psychic powers, but this is one of the best I have read. Lucid explanations, sensible suggestions and clear instructions make it a must for any beginner. Recommended." - Prediction magazine

"How useful any book is in successfully and safely developing the psychic faculty is open to question, but there is undoubtedly a need for clear and soundly based information about what the psychic faculty is, and is not, and how it relates to the normal human condition. How to Develop Your ESP provides an exceptionally good explanatory introduction to the subject, followed by some exercises which will test the intention of the reader. Recommended." - Light

"A classic of its kind." - Hot Press

"If you've ever thought you were 'psychic', says the cover blurb, "Zak Martin's programme will quickly help you develop your natural gifts to the full. "If you think you have no psychic ability, read this book and think again!" What qualifications does the author have to offer his pupils? The publishers are content to term him "one of Britain's leading clairvoyants". A healer, Zak is a psychic whose mind-over-matter astounded national reporters. He has also helped police forces with unsolved cases. An astonishing range of matter is packed into this handy volume. There are chapters on dreams and their symbolism, the methods of pendulum dowsing and crystal gazing...This book should prove a well worth while addition to every psychic library." - Psychic News

"The title of this book says it all. Unsensationally, in an almost matter-of-fact manner, Zak Martin instructs the reader in how to become a psychic 'achiever'. Each chapter gives easy to follow instructions on how to develop in such areas as telepathy, divination, precognition, clairvoyance and a whole range of ancillary occult disciplines. Without wasting a word, the author shows that development of a psychic potential is not the preserve of the favoured few, but is well within reach of any individual who is prepared to make the effort. So concise and knowledgeable is the information that even those who might feel that they have no psychic sense at all, and so may be extremely skeptical of the experiences of others, could, by carefully applying themselves to the contents of this book, soon surprise themselves. - Destiny

"One of the best books of its kind. Recommended" - Women's World

"This is an excellent book from the Aquarian Press. It is a practical guide to exploring your own psi abilities. It covers the usual range of phenomena but is written in a lively and informative way offering the reader/researcher simple tests to demonstrate one's own ESP abilities. If you are looking to get yourself started then this book will be very useful." - New Dimensions

"An excellent introduction to psychic development and mind training. Highly recommended." - American Woman

Sasha Fenton
"Without Zak's penetrating insight on my behalf, I would never have become a professional author. Ever since his vision of my future career, I have written over 100 books, sold and translated in many countries worldwide." - Sasha Fenton, television personality and best-selling author.

Zak Martin with Marje Proops
"Dear Zak, It was a pleasure to meet and work with you... Thank you for the great advice which I promise you I will follow."
Marje Proops, OBE, Britain's foremost "agony aunt", journalist and author. Photo courtesy The Mirror, UK.

The Dead Zone
The movie - and subsequently a major TV series - "The Dead Zone" (adapted from the book by Stephen King) dealt with events corresponding closely to events that Zak Martin had encountered in his own life and psychic detection work, and he was consulted in the movie's authentication and promotion.

Zak Martin Voted UK's Best Psychic

American Psychic & Medium Magazine, January 2018

Parapsychology & Mind Power Magazine, September 2013

World's Top Ten Psychics

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