Intuition and Creativity

by Tara Fitzgerald

Zak Martin is widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost psychics and a leading authority in the area of parapsychology and paranormal phenomena. Over the last twenty-five years he has taken part in, and conducted, many thousands of experiments into telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis, and he is regularly consulted by television companies to advise on programmes dealing with paranormal subjects.

Zak Martin believes that everyone possesses ESP which can be developed with proper training. "ESP plays a much bigger and more important part in our lives than most people realize," he says. He regards ESP as a natural, subliminal faculty, which comes to the fore under certain psychological conditions.

"Some people are skeptical about ESP yet have no difficulty in accepting 'hunches', 'intuition' and 'instinct'. I regard these as different aspects of the same power. ESP is, if you like, the sharp edge of intuition."

He sees ESP development not as an end in itself but as a means of exploring "inner space" and developing powerful creative skills.

"There is a strong link between psychic awareness and all forms of creativity, including art, music, writing and so on," he says. "And the exercises that enable a person to enhance his or her ESP abilities also serve to increase his or her creative faculties in general.

"Many of the most important works of art - including musical symphonies, literary works, paintings and even scientific discoveries - were produced by individuals whilst they were in a state of heightened psychic awareness."

Martin likens ESP to a kind of invisible psychic radar which scans the environment - and the future - influencing events and relationships in ways that are seldom suspected.

"The psychic mind travels ahead, setting the scene for events to come, 'broadcasting' subliminal messages based on our thoughts, feelings and, above all, our unconscious expectations. Through subliminal ESP we literally create our own future."

He also believes that ESP is an important factor in matters of "luck", health, business, personal relationships and attraction.

Zak Martin cites these common examples of spontaneous ESP with which most people will be familiar: You are sitting at home relaxing when, for no apparent reason, you suddenly think of an old friend whom you have not seen or heard from in a long while. Five minutes later, the bell rings and your friend is standing on the doorstep...
You see a person you think you recognize on a crowded street, but when you get closer, you see that you have made a mistake, and the person is a stranger. A few minutes later you meet the person you thought you had seen....

You visit a place for the first time and you are immediately struck by a strange sense of recognition - a feeling of "I have been here before.... "

The telephone rings, and in the instant you lift the receiver you know, with absolute certainty, the identity of the caller....

You are out walking with a friend when, suddenly, you both begin to hum the same tune, in the same key, at precisely the same moment....

Spontaneous ESP of this kind is familiar to most people; and for individuals with a high aptitude for psychic perception, flashes of this kind are regular occurrences that may come many times in a day. However, these striking examples of psychic perception represent only the tip of the psychic iceberg. ESP takes place constantly on a subliminal level, acting as a kind of invisible personal radar which scans the environment - and the future - for potential danger. It is only on those occasions when the information is of an unusual or dramatic nature that we become conscious of the process.

ESP is a natural ability, present to some degree in everyone and capable of being developed with proper training. Some people are "naturals" who possess a special aptitude for psychic ability - just as some people have a natural talent for music or mathematics - but everyone is psychic to some degree, and every individual has a "working ESP" that operates on an unconscious level, "behind the scenes" as it were, scanning the environment and influencing events and relationships.

ESP affects our lives to a much greater extent than most people realize, and in ways that are seldom suspected. The psychic mind travels ahead, setting the scene for events to come. Through this psychic mechanism we set forces and events in motion which shape the outcome of important events in our lives.

Individuals who enjoy a high level of ESP are "lucky" in everything they do. By "coincidence" they are always in the right place at the right time. Such people sail effortlessly through life with a strong tail wind. This is positive ESP in action, working below the threshold of awareness to avoid obstacles and attract success.

© Tara Fitzgerald