How to Activate Your Psychic Senses

Zak Martin

Research has shown that certain states of mind - or certain brain rhythms - tend to coincide with specific types of ESP. In particular, it has been found that "alpha" brain waves (approx. 10 Hz) tend to coincide with heightened 'telepathic' sensitivity and remote viewing ability. Increased psychic awareness is also accompanied by a distinctive feeling that is usually described as one of "detached excitement".

There is nothing mysterious about alpha waves. We produce them whenever we are deeply relaxed, or when we are absorbed in some pleasurable or creative activity, such as painting or playing music - or, indeed, listening attentively to concordant music. We also produce alpha waves just before we fall asleep. These are the times when we are at our most receptive to psychic impressions.

There is also a certain mental attitude which tends to encourage psychic impressions. It is a kind of blurring of consciousness combined with intensification of feeling. The most common mistake people make, when they are trying to elicit ESP, is to concentrate - that is, to focus their attention sharply on a specific person or idea. This is precisely what must be avoided. Concentration involves effort, and effort involves tension - which negates psychic receptivity. What you should aim for, instead, is a feeling of slight detachment and mental diffusion; of soft focus rather than sharp definition.

There are many techniques for attaining the optimal state of mind for psychic sensitivity - from 'natural' methods like yoga, meditation, hypnosis, auto-suggestion and so on, to mechanical techniques including biofeedback, mind-to-computer interface technology, subliminal programming and others. And of course there are certain psychoactive drugs which produce altered states of consciousness in which psychic ability may be heightened.

Here are a few pointers to help you activate your psychic senses:

  • Relaxation is the key to psychic receptivity. Tension impedes the flow of psychic energy like a knot in a hosepipe impedes the flow of water.

  • Do not "concentrate". ESP does not require effort of any kind: it is a "fluid", reflective experience. Relax, "let go" and don't be tempted to second-guess your own intuition.

  • Remember, your first impressions are more likely to be correct.

  • Keep a dream diary, and learn to recognize the relationship that exists between your dream life and your waking life.

  • Involve yourself in creative activities like painting, playing music, dance, drama etc.

  • The experience of obtaining information psychically is subjectively the same as that of recalling facts that you already know. Therefore don't try to project your mind "out there" for information; instead, summon it from your own "memory".

  • Lastly, don't be afraid of getting it wrong. Remember, the fear of making an incorrect "guess" is part of the conditioning that you need to break out of in order to allow your ESP to come to the fore. The more often you use and rely on your psychic abilities, the stronger they will become. As with any other talent or ability, ESP improves with regular practice. Think of it as a psychic muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.
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