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The normal sale price of Develop Your Psychic Abilities, by Zak Martin, is $35.00. Affiliate commission is $15.00 per referred sale via Payloadz.

To become an affiliate for this course:

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  • Go to: Zak Martin's Psychic Development Course (Item# PLDZ-1)

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    You can post the link anywhere link posting is allowed - message boards, blogs, social networks etc. (Please do not spam, or your account will be deactivated.) You will receive $15.00 for every confirmed sale referred through your link.

    About this course
    This course is the revised and expanded version of Develop Your ESP, which sold very successfully on Clickbank for a number of years. The previous course was text only (PDFs) in ten parts. This new, expanded version includes images, video clips, slides, tests, experiments, downloads and printable charts. On completion, students receive a Certificate of Completion and are entitled to join a private Facebook group created for, and accessible only to, students of the course. Members of this group can discuss topics covered in the course, ask questions and connect with others who share their interest in this subject.

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    Psi-Q Test
    This is a test designed to assess a person's aptitude for psychic ability. It can be posted to Facebook, Twitter etc., or installed on a psychic-related website or blog. The banner at the bottom of the page can be linked to your affiliate ID (you will need to send us your Clickbank affiliate link and the URL of your website). width: 616 height: 297
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