Media/TV Production/Research

Zak Martin's organization can provide ideas, background research and authentication, outlines and complete articles for features and programmes dealing with all psychic and psychological-related subjects, including:

  • Popular Psychology
  • Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition
  • Parapsychology / Psychical Research
  • Criminal Profiling / Psychic Detection
  • Hypnosis, Altered States of Consciousness
  • Alternative Therapies / Complementary Medicine
  • Dreams, Premonitions, Visions
  • Quantum Mechanics / Theoretical Physics
  • Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence
  • Remote Viewing, ESPionage

TV Crew

Interviews and locations throughout Europe, Russia, the USA and Japan arranged. We have extensive experience of working with television and film crews, and with production companies, organizing locations, setting up interviews and working to deadlines. We can also provide background research and authentication of films and television programs, both feature and documentary.

TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Interviews
Zak Martin is available to take part in interviews (in person, by phone, or by email), articles and programmes dealing in an intelligent way with psychic-related and psychological topics. He is not interested in taking part in contests, "ghost hunts" or TV shows in which he is required to appear with other psychics. Please also note that he is not a spirit medium, and is not interested in taking part in TV shows dealing with this subject. Email with an outline of your proposal and the fee being offered.

Forensic Profiling
Zak Martin receives a constant stream of requests from all over the world for help with unsolved murder and missing persons cases. For information on this aspect of Zak Martin's work, please go here. Please note that Zak will only consider helping in cases where the request for assistance comes from the police detective or police department in charge of the case, or from the immediate family of the missing or murdered person, and where the police have agreed to cooperate fully with him, including providing him with access to items of evidence. Cases of this kind are accepted on a no fee and no publicity basis.

Private Consultations
Zak Martin only accepts new clients by referral from current or former clients. Please note, he mainly gives advice and guidance on business success, music/showbusiness career advancement, image development etc. He is not a medium and does not communicate with dead people, nor does he give predictive personal readings. He achieves his best results in promotional and marketing campaigns which have clearly defined targets.

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