About Zak Martin
Zak Martin is a leading figure of the New Age movement. He has been featured extensively on TV, radio and in the world press, and is author of several acclaimed books, including Quantum Perception, a scientific exploration of the human mind, and the worldwide best-selling guide to psychic growth, How to Develop Your ESP (Harper-Collins)
Hypnotherapy and Mind Training
The Zak Martin Clinic offers a range of psychological and mind training techniques to help you to take control of your life and overcome negative and destructive behavior patterns. By applying these powerful techniques we can help you to:
  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Smoking
  • Reduce Stress
  • Gain Confidence
  • Achieve Your Goals

  • Seminars and Courses
    Residential and non-residential courses offered in a range of therapeutic and personal development techniques, including hypnotherapy, progressive relaxation, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming and holistic therapies. Click here to see the full list of courses available.
    We also offer weekend residential seminars combined with organised activities - horse riding, golf, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, etc. - for corporate groups. Click here for details.
    The Clinic
    The Zak Martin Clinic is located in the village of Béznar, in the Lecrin Valley, close to the lake and midway between the city of Granada and the Costa Tropical. See map.

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    Lake Béznar is a designated site of outstanding beauty.

    Holistic Holidays

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    Attn. Holistic Practitioners
    Zak Martin is planning on opening a Holistic Centre in the Granada area, and CVs are now being accepted from complementary and alternative therapists, tutors, lecturers, workshop organisers etc., interested in becoming part of our team. To request further information, or to submit your CV, please click here.