Daily Mirror, UK.

SLOWLY, and then with increasing speed, a table-tennis ball moved back and forth, and swirled from side to side, on top of a transparent glass table.
So, in turn, did a cigar tube, a piece of chalk and a fountain pen. No one touched them. Nothing motivated them. Except, apparently, the mind-power of psychic Zak Martin.
He was demonstrating PK - or psychokinesis - the power of the mind, or of unexplained forces, on matter.


Photographed constantly by Mirror cameraman Bill Rowntree, and watched by a Mirror writer, he spent more than two hours demonstrating PK.
First he held the objects to his forehead, then placed them on the table and concentrated on them.
Slowly, he moved his hands around the objects, never once touching them... and they began to move across the table.
The table tennis ball was the most active, moving constantly across the table at his "will".
Could it be done by trickery?
"There are several ways it can be done," we were told. "By magnetic force, by hidden threads... or simply by controlled breathing on to the objects."
But we saw no magnets, no threads, no controlled breathing.


"I'm convinced he does it unaided," cameraman Rowntree said later. "It was a very impressive demonstration."
Zak Martin says: "There is nothing supernatural about the ability to move objects. But it demonstrates that there is hidden power within us which can be used for healing and the like."

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